You may be asking yourself how does all of this work and how do we get started?

Well, there are a few ways to go about this:



This is a great option for someone looking to do things in a short amount of time or on a tighter budget. This is also an ideal option for anyone living outside the KC area.

The fee for this service is $50/hour spent on your project specifically. Once you have decided to work with me, I will send you a contract to sign with an estimate for the amount of time needed for your project.

I shop and scour the depths of the internet to find the perfect pieces for your space. I send you a comprehensive list of all of my finds. You are then free to purchase at your leisure, with no pressure.


  • I send you a few questions
  • You send in photos, measurements, and your budget for the space
  • I will review your space(s) and send you a contract and estimate for the amount of time it will take for me to complete. You review and approve
  • I take the answers you submit and create an inspiration board for the space. You review and approve the direction
  • I start working my magic (finding all the perfect pieces)
  • I then send you a room plan and a comprehensive list and description of all the pieces


Full Service

If you are seeking a more involved and complete service from beginning to end, then Full Service is the way to go. I offer a 1 hour free consultation (location dependent) so we can meet and discuss your vision and goals. This gives you the opportunity to meet me and see if this is the type of service you need. This service is billed at $75 per hour and will be billed before installation occurs. The number of hours will be based on the size of the space(s) and the scope of the project.


Before the consultation

  • Answer a few quick questions
  • Send photos of the space(s)


  • We discuss the scope of your project including budget and timeline
  • We define the services needed to complete your project
  • I take measurements and snap any additional photos
  • You then get to decide if I am a fit for you and your vision!

After the consultation

  • I send you a contract. You sign and return it to me
  • I will then create vision boards and make detailed plans for the space
  • Shopping time
  • I set up a time with you to install and accessorize your new space



Do you ever feel you don’t have enough time around the Holidays? Do you ever feel at a loss decorating seasonally (spring/summer/fall/winter)?

This is the service for you!


  • Answer a few questions
  • We discuss your goals and review your budget for the specific season
  • We discuss your inspiration and ideas
  • I send you a contract and an estimate for the hours ($50 per hour)
  • We meet for a 1 hour free consultation to see the space and to review your current seasonal décor items
  • I create a plan for your space, send an inspiration board, and create a shopping list with any additional décor elements needed.
  • You approve the plan and shopping list, I go shop!
  • We set up a time and I come to decorate and get your home ready for the season


**Don’t see the décor service you are looking for? Contact me at and we can see what would best fit your needs**


**We do provide Event Décor and would love to help you with your specific event. Please contact me at with the event date, event type (shower, party, wedding etc), and location**